Pickle Cake: The Decadence of Denial

In the past, I’ve competed in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. This year, I entered the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. At the beginning of February, I posted my First Round submission (which I’ve since taken down in case I decide to expand it).

To my surprise, I moved on to the Second Round. I had seventy-two hours in which to write and five hundred fewer words allowed this time around. Here were my prompts. The story is below.

NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2016
Round 2, Heat 1
Genre: Drama
Subject: Decadence
Character: A deliver driver

(Removed for submission for publication)




5 thoughts on “Pickle Cake: The Decadence of Denial

      1. No matter what happens with the contest, you have a gift. I enjoy your writing. It draws the reader in, completely, and leaves one changed. I’m happy to be a part of your writing journey.

  1. Lovely writing and a great take on the “You’re becoming just like your mother” problem 🙂

    I like how your MC was able to make that clear to her mom and restore the relationship.

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