Mistakes Happen

The Reader’s Digest 100 Word Challenge  (closed)
(criteria: must be 100 words, no more, no less)

The cymbal crash and bright tinkle of breaking glass nearly caused Edgar to fall off the kitchen chair. When his heart rate finally slowed, he investigated and found a baseball on the living room rug. The bay window revealed a jagged, new smile and, outside, a clutch of children stood in frozen horror.

Edgar walked out into the sunlight, returned the ball to its owner, and assured the children there were no hard feelings. Mistakes happen.

When he hung up with the window replacement company, Edgar stepped back onto the chair and began the meticulous job of deconstructing the noose.

Czuk It: An Unwanted Delivery

Today on Facebook, a friend posted a picture of a package at the end of her hallway with text along the lines of ‘It looks like my husband’s Tai Chi sword arrived’.
My reply: Or a snake mailed itself to you. Be very careful!

So all day I’ve been thinking about a snake mailing itself to someone, why it would do that, and what might happen if it did. Here’s what I figured. Excuse my crude drawings – I’m not a cartoonist. 🙂

Edited to add for a bit of mobius amusement, the actual Czuk It blog site. 🙂
Edited a second time to add: I’ve just realized I made the it’s/its grammar error (“it’s big meal”) in the text of my cartoon and am twisted with shame.

Czuk it 1 w-textCzuk it 2 w-textCzuk it 3 w-text